Cheap Beauty Products With Banned Ingredients Are Causing Teen Skin Problems

TUMPAT: It has been found that many teenage girls use cheap and readily available beauty products that are not approved by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and are harmful to their skin and facial structure.

Dr. Siti Fatimah Noor Mat Johar, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon from the School of Medical Sciences at Universiti Sains Hospital Malaysia (HUSM), said teenagers had facial skin problems due to the use of cleansers and facial moisturizers containing prohibited ingredients.

She said the deluge of such products is concerning because the HUSM’s Reconstructive Sciences Unit sees patients with facial skin problems after using products containing steroids which can be toxic at high levels.

She said these products do not provide any information on the contents and ingredients used and are readily available at retail stores.

“Products like these are normally made from ingredients bought in bulk from Thailand or Indonesia,” he told reporters after attending a cosmetics safety conference titled “Beautiful Me with Safe Cosmetics”, here today.

Elaborating, Dr. Siti Fatimah said she also received reports of unregistered beauty clinics offering vitamin C injections to reduce wrinkles.

“Clinics that offer this type of treatment usually claim to be qualified to provide jabs after a few months of studying beauty classes in Korea or Thailand,” she said.

She advised teenagers to choose beauty products approved by the Ministry of Health, because if they use dangerous products, they are at high risk of permanent scarring and damage to the structure of the face.-Bernama