Cetaphil’s future new product development will focus on facial care

Cetaphil is one of the most recognized skin care brands in the world, owned by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Galderma.

In addition to its classic best-selling line, Cetaphil has introduced new lines in recent years, including Cetaphil baby and Bright Healthy Radiance facials.

Addressed exclusively to CosmeticDesign-Asia​, Agnes Tan, Country Manager of Galderma Singapore, revealed that Cetaphil fans can expect more product innovation from the brand.

“You can expect new franchises and new products. We do not start anything lightly. We don’t feel any pressure to launch anything, to be honest we just want to bring the best whenever possible.

Although Tan declined to share any information about its new launches, she said the company is currently focusing more on skincare innovation. “We want to bring innovation where we can make the most difference.”

Cetaphil’s big overhaul

This follows Cetaphil’s first-ever reformulation in 75 years, adding ingredients such as niacinamide, panthenol (vitamin B5) and glycerin to its classic formulations.

Tan admitted changing the brand’s beloved formula could be seen as a bit risky.

“Many clients and patients have always loved us because we have been very consistent in their lives. But we are very confident. We don’t exactly get rid of [the old formula]. The keyword here is upgrading. We have the base formulation, but now it’s more than that, we’ve added dermatologist-backed ingredients to our formulation to make it better.

She added that the reformulation was prompted by the company’s own research into new technologies available for people with sensitive skin and current consumer trends.
“We are not trying to make improvements for fun, we see a real need for [this reformulation] And we know our customers will love this formula. In fact, some doctors have already told me after using it that they know it would be a winner.

Along with the new formulation, Cetaphil also updated its packaging with a more modern, sleek silhouette and included color coding to identify products for specific skin types.

Packaging has also been updated to be more easily recyclable with mono-material containers and closures that come apart, making it easier to sort them during the recycling process.

These new upgrades are part of Cetaphil’s Clear Skies initiative, which underscores the company’s commitment to environmental and social causes.

“Our new Clear Skies initiative, which mandates the use of smarter and more recyclable materials, demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment. We are confident that these important developments will enhance Cetaphil’s reputation and appeal to discerning and discerning consumers,” said Tan.