Benefits, How to Use and Side Effects

Whether you agree or not, skincare is something that is generally ignored by most of us. It is constantly exposed to harsh chemicals, polluted air and so on.

But the formula for inducing this extra care into the routine is quite simple and only requires one additional ingredient: essential oils. They are quite successful. The Egyptians – the mighty homies who redefined beauty – have been using essential oils for ages.

Essential oils can be used to treat various skin conditions and conditions – acne, premature signs of aging, pigmentation, etc.

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What are essential oils?

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Essential oils are solutions extracted from plants by distillation or other methods. They hold the “essence” of the plant, the smell and the flavor.

Different methods are used to extract these oils. Some techniques are mechanical, others chemical. These aromatic oils are blended with carrier oils to make them ready to use.

The best essential oils for your skin

There are nearly 3000 essential oils, and not all of them are skin-friendly. Each essential oil has properties that make it unique. Understanding their properties will help decide whether it is appropriate or not.

Here is the list of the top six essential oils for the skin.

1. Lavender

lavender essential oil on a background of lavender plants
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It is a versatile oil and can be used for the skin and inhalation. It can also be taken orally in appropriate methods to improve digestion. It has many benefits for the skin.

  • Fights acne: Its antibacterial property helps fight bacteria. Plus, it clears clogged pores and reduces inflammation caused by acne.
  • Treats dry skin and eczema: Eczema causes dry skin, irritation and flaky skin. Lavender essential oil has antifungal properties that prevent eczema.
  • Treats Blemished Skin: It reduces discoloration, evens skin tone and reduces redness.
  • Facial lines and wrinkles: Free radicals and dryness cause wrinkles. Lavender oil is rich in antioxidants. It neutralizes free radicals and erases the signs of aging.

How to use lavender oil for the skin?

  • Dilute lavender essential oil with coconut oil and apply as a moisturizer. Use it once or twice a day to treat acne and wrinkles.
  • Mix two drops of lavender oil with one teaspoon of witch hazel. Use it as a tonic.
  • For pimples, mix one drop of lavender oil with one drop of argan oil and apply directly. It reduces inflammation.

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2. Carrot seed oil

Carrot seed oil with the seeds and a carrot
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It is extracted from the seed of the wild carrot plant. Although it is not so popular, it has countless benefits for the skin. Carrot seed oil is rich in nutrients and can benefit the skin in the following ways.

  • Improves skin tone and complexion: It reduces pores and evens skin tone. Use it with lemon oil to enhance skin tone.
  • Treats sunburn: Combine carrot seed oil with aloe vera juice to treat sunburn. It helps in healing the skin and promotes the growth of new skin cells.
  • PPremature aging: It is rich in antioxidants that prevent premature aging.
  • Regulates sebum production: Carrot seed oil regulates sebum production in the skin. It helps treat both oily and dry skin.

How to use carrot seed oil for skin?

  • Mix it with rosehip oil to treat premature aging and spots.
  • Add four drops of carrot seed oil with a bowl of grape seed oil to treat oily skin.
  • Mix it with avocado oil to treat dry skin.
  • Dab a few drops of carrot seed oil onto the skin using a cotton ball to prevent wrinkles and stretch marks.
  • Add it to skin care products or baths.

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3. Rose Essential Oil

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Rose essential oil has many skincare and wellness benefits with therapeutic effects. Rose essential oil has the following benefits for the skin.

  • Disinfects the skin: The oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It fights bacteria and treats acne. It also nourishes the skin and cleans scars and pores.
  • Nourished skin: Steam distilled rose essential oil contains over 50 beneficial compounds. It revitalizes the skin with antioxidants and vitamins.
  • Erases wrinkles: Pure rose oil is rich in antioxidants that eliminate the signs of premature aging. It improves collagen production and increases skin elasticity.

How to use rose essential oil for the skin?

  • Mix a few drops with shea butter and rose water. Use it as a moisturizer.
  • Prepare a tonic with four drops of essential oil. Mix it with a tablespoon of witch hazel and distilled water.
  • Add a few drops to the bath for a relaxing self-care routine.
  • Add a few drops to the body scrub and massage formula.

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4. Incense

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Frankincense essential oil is a versatile product that is suitable for all skin types. It makes dry skin less dry and oily skin less oily. It is one of the best ingredients for an anti-aging formula. It firms and tones the skin, making the skin healthier.

  • Reduces skin irritation: Anti-inflammatory properties help reduce irritation. It produces an even complexion.
  • Reduces wrinkles: It improves elasticity and firms the skin. Thus, it helps eliminate the signs of aging.
  • Reduces scars: The oil cleans and disinfects pores and helps heal scars and cuts.

How to use Frankincense Essential Oil for the skin?

  • Add a few drops to moisturizer.
  • Dab a few drops of the oil directly onto the spots to reduce scarring.
  • Mix it with jojoba oil and use it as an anti-aging cream.
  • Mix it with witch hazel to make a refreshing and uplifting toner.

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5. Tea tree

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Tea tree essential oil is widely used as a remedy for many skin problems. Multipurpose oil can be used for any skin type. A few of the many benefits of tea tree oil for skin are listed below.

  • Treats Acne: Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties help treat acne.
  • Relieve itchy skin: It soothes the skin and reduces.
  • Clears Acne: It fights germs and reduces redness and inflammation. It can give clear and smooth skin.

How to use Tea Tree Essential Oil for the Skin?

  • Dilute a few drops with vegetable oil or moisturizer to hydrate the skin. Apply immediately after showering to soothe dry skin.
  • Apply this mixture directly to scars and other skin conditions to improve healing.
  • Mix a few drops into sunscreen, toner or moisturizer.

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6. Ylang-ylang

essential oil of ylang ylang with flowers
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The rich aromatic essential oil has many healing properties. Ylang Ylang essential oil is full of rejuvenating properties for the skin. Regardless of skin type, use this oil to experience the following benefits.

  • Moisturizes the skin: This moisturizes the skin and reduces dryness. It keeps the skin hydrated.
  • Treat acne: It controls excess sebum and fights bacteria and other infections. This makes it a champion in the fight against acne.
  • Anti-aging benefits: It soothes skin conditions and blurs fine lines and wrinkles.

How to use Ylang Ylang essential oil for the skin?

  • Mix two tablespoons of Ylang Ylang essential oil with two tablespoons of coconut oil. Dab the mixture on the skin and let it dry naturally. Repeat it daily for best results.
  • Mix it with other skin-friendly essential oils for the best result.

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Choose skin-friendly organic essential oils for best results. Explore the essential oils offered by Soul Flower, St. Botanica and Bella Vita.

Want to test organic and natural essential oils? Try Soul Flower. It offers many varieties of oils. Grab the various combos for maximum benefits.

  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • tea tree
  • Pepper mint
  • Orange
  • Rosemary
  • Ylang ylang
  • Turmeric
  • Cinnamon
  • Lemon
  • Geranium

What are the best carrier oils?

If applied topically, dilute essential oils with carrier oils. Some of the best carrier oils for skin are mentioned below.

  • coconut oil
  • Almond oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Olive oil
  • Avocado oil

Precautions for using essential oils

Use essential oils in the right proportion and quantity for good results. Otherwise, they can cause allergies and irritation. Follow these general guidelines when using them on the face.

  • Do not use concentrated essential oils directly on the skin.
  • Dilute them in a carrier oil or skincare formula.
  • Choose essential oils with caution. Not all essential oils are safe for the skin. Some oils are phototoxic.
  • Do a patch test before trying a new essential oil.

The bottom line

Essential oils are very beneficial for the skin. They can be a natural alternative to chemical-based skincare products. Choose the best one based on skin type and concerns. If it causes redness or allergies, contact the dermatologist.

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