Ariana Grande steps into the wellness game with REM Beauty Chapter Two

Faced with the scenario of being stranded on a remote desert island, you would probably reduce your beauty routine to the absolute must-haves. What products can’t you do without? I ask Ariana Grande, an unlikely candidate for an indefinite stay in the wild, via Zoom, even if she could have an emergency helicopter delivered full of her favorite products in the blink of an eye. But in case one of the world’s biggest superstars is (heaven forbid) she doesn’t choose eyeliner for winged cat eyes or voluminous hairspray for her ponytail – she can get away with it. to pass. After a few seconds of reflection, she gives me her answer: “A serum for the eyelashes”, she says in a neutral tone. “So if I’m in the desert for a long time, I can produce a long eyelash while I’m there, and maybe that’s what I did with my time.”

However, Grande does not bring just any eyelash serum. Her Can’t Live Without article is taken straight from chapter two of her REM Beauty line, titled “Goodnight ‘n Go,” after the song of the same name from her 2018 album. Sweetener. In November 2021, Grande saw her dreams unfold before her eyes. “I feel so grateful. [R.E.M Beauty] is a beautiful celebration of the hard work of many amazing people. I feel truly relieved and excited for what’s to come and grateful for the response so far. It makes me so happy,” she exclaims.

REM Beauty – the Grande brand named after her favorite song – was inspired by REM sleep (rapid eye movements), the deep stage of sleep where your eyes move rapidly and vivid dreams occur. “I decided to call it ‘REM’ because I feel like this song really encompasses a lot of my favorite parts of my sound sonically,” Grande said upon launch. “And also, REM rapid eye movements – focusing on dreams and focusing on eyes and eyes being our best way to articulate, better than you can sometimes with words.” The first chapter covered all the bases: an everyday eyeshadow palette, lipstick and lip glosses, highlighters, mascara and, of course, lashes. But flawless makeup starts with a good prep routine, which is why Chapter Two tells the story of “wellness and makeup holding hands,” says Grande.

“What also makes Chapter Two so exciting is that we’re expanding our color story a bit with our eyeshadow palettes, where we have more bold and fun colors, like 60s mod colors,” she says. In keeping with the futuristic dreamscape theme, Chapter Two, which launches on on March 21, opens with three new metallic five-panel eyeshadow palettes – Groovy Baby, Smitten Kitten and Gogo Boots – and metallic gel eye shadow pots named after languages ​​of love: affirmation, quality time, communication, touch and gifts. The collection also includes a sheer eye gloss that doubles as a topper for metallic shadows or can be worn on its own, plus two new Dream Lashes styles and a two-in-one blush and lipstick—Grande’s other product of a desert island (“Isn’t it funny? I’m on an island thinking about blush?”).

But the real stars of Goodnight ‘n Go introduce a new category for REM Beauty and one of its favorite drops so far: skin prep. “I guess ‘Goodnight n Go [introduces] an element of relaxation, because a lot of these ingredients and some of these products are very calming and soothing, and are made with restful ingredients,” she explains. “I think it’s something we sometimes forget, but prepping the skin is the most important step.” In fact, the best beauty tip she ever received was to protect and properly prep her skin before makeup application, which is the message behind the addition of the cooling eye balm, soothing mist for face and stimulating serum for eyelashes and eyebrows. Here, Grande breaks down Chapter Two for us.

Refreshing and blurring concealer balm:

“We’re all on the go and working, so sometimes you don’t get a full night’s sleep, or you may have naturally dark eyes like me, or if you have an early call time, the cooling balm helps prep the skin for makeup and give you that energizing little fuzz. It’s one of my favorites. It’s so refreshing and fluffy and refreshing. It can even be used as a primer.


Soothing facial mist:

“I use the mist before or after makeup as a setting spray, and throughout the day to refresh my face and mist a bit. Our face mist contains lavender, and it’s so soothing, soothing, and comfortable I know it sounds a bit crazy, but I use it as a pillow mist because it contains lavender essential oil – it’s always been super calming for me. of lavender in my purse, so I’m a big fan of the mist.

rem beauty


Eyelash serum:

“The texture is so fresh and light. Right now we are focusing on the preparation side of the skin. I think knowing how important it is to prepare the skin and take care of the eyes before application really helps the quality of our makeup.

rem beauty


Marrying wellness and beauty together grew out of Grande’s personal wellness journey, which she attributes to therapy. Clasping her hands as if about to lead a prayer, she leans toward the camera. “I thank God every day for my therapist and for the meditation,” she says. “Therapy is probably the most important commitment or thing you can save time and space for. I know it’s like a cliché, but I’m so grateful to have access to therapy and to have made space for it in my life. I love it. It’s been a big part of my life for a long time.” Therapy, meditation and lots of baths to be precise. “We love a bath, we love a bath, you know what I mean?” she jokes. Although bath baths aren’t in REM Beauty’s future anytime soon, Grande is ready to expand her skin prep selections. further down the line She’s keeping a tight lid on when we can expect new skincare treatments, just as mum as she is on the expansion of complexion products, which she previously teased. in a recent video with drag queen Gottmik earlier this month, “I just used a bunch of products that I can’t show yet, so I want [people] to know there is a lot to look forward to,” she coos, admitting that some are currently in the nascent testing phases.

“It’s coming in one of our next drops. I really like our complexion products, I’ve been using them for a long time. I use them on The voice every day, I use them in my campaign shoots, I use them all the time for work. They’re coming, they’re coming, they’re coming,” she said, rubbing her hands playfully. “Not yet, but they are coming.”

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