APAC Family Skincare Market ‘Ripe for Disruption’ Following Sephora’s Exceptional Deal

Evereden recently announced that it will be launching in 118 Sephora stores worldwide, including outlets in Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, New Zealand and Australia. The American brand said the expansion would allow it to “replicate its success in high-growth markets”​ and become Sephora’s “anchor mark”​ in multi-generational skincare.

Evereden’s decision to ramp up its business in the Asia-Pacific region came as no surprise – the brand already has an established consumer base in Australia, Japan and Singapore through its DTC e-commerce platform.

The deal with Sephora would also give Evereden the ability to reach consumers in the region offline, the company’s CEO and founder, Kimberley Ho, told Cosmetics-Design Asia.

“Our customers first discovered Evereden through word-of-mouth, online paid advertising and marketing, but we believe this omnichannel presence strengthens our brand following, allowing offline shoppers to discover, interact with and hopefully fall in love with our brand”, she says.

At the same time, as a native DTC brand, Evereden planned to continue investing in online marketing to drive traffic and sales through its digital platforms, Ho said.

“We expect our launch of Sephora to strengthen rather than weaken our DTC business by serving as an additional physical touchpoint for consumers, improving brand awareness and fostering consumer trust and loyalty.”

Since founding the company in 2019, Malaysian-born Ho has made no secret of his belief that the Asia-Pacific market holds great potential for Evereden as a challenger brand in the multi-generational space. skin care.

Reaching Adult Millennials and Zoomers

When asked why, Ho replied: “The APAC market is not only extremely large, representing over 60% of the total global population, but also ripe for disruption. The high-end skincare and suncare markets are growing rapidly in this region. Meanwhile, Millennials and Gen Z populations are beginning to build families and hold brands to higher standards than ever before.

However, she said there was little “revolutionary market players”​, and that the incumbents were long-standing brands that had not innovated to meet these changing consumer needs.

This scenario had created a void in the market that Evereden was well positioned to fill, Ho explained: “Our positioning resonates with this younger population who are looking for innovative products that are both clean and effective. Our rigorous standards and our team of dermatologists with whom we collaborate throughout our formulation process allow us to position ourselves as a brand that consumers can trust and grow with.

Asian consumers are looking for “clean” family products

Ho said consumer needs and the market landscape in Asia-Pacific are becoming more developed and sophisticated.

“Consumers have seen ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ invade other aspects of their lives, such as food and women’s beauty, and they are now demanding it for their whole family. »she says.

At the same time, she said, they are starting to value family-friendly, high-quality, plant-based products, with some APAC regions arguably valuing clean skincare even more than Western countries.

China’s recent regulatory crackdown on skincare claims, including the terms “clean” and “safe,” demonstrated the rapid evolution of this market, Ho said.

“Government agencies require brands to provide sufficient documentation to support these claims or impose significant consequences, ranging from monetary penalties to suspension of product sales,”she noted.

The products that Evereden would sell through Sephora in Asia Pacific would be the same as those sold in the United States, consistent with the company’s goal of having a “globally integrated and consistent portfolio”​. These include ranges such as Golden Belly Serum, Nourishing Stretch Mark Cream, Nourishing Baby Face Cream, Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, Baby Lip Gloss and SPF 50 Premium Mineral Suncream.

Future expansion

However, Ho said that as the business grows, there may be an opportunity to develop specialized products based on the needs of specific regions.

There may also be opportunities to expand into other Asian markets, she added.

“We are constantly looking for promising avenues of growth and will continue to investigate APAC countries we are not yet in to see where there is demand for clean family care,” she says.

While Evereden did not rule out future development of additional channels to market in the region, at this point it was focused on using its partnership with Sephora as a springboard, Ho explained: “As we analyze product performance and learn more about regional consumer preferences, we may consider expanding into other channels, but we believe Sephora is the strongest partner and starting point for us. develop in the APAC region.”

She continued: “Sephora understands the needs of high-end consumers in fast-growing markets and has always been at the forefront of consumer innovation trends. This partnership was natural, because Sephora sees the space as we do and believes in the potential of our segment. We’re thrilled to be Sephora’s first and only family-owned skincare brand as they expand into this new product category and meet the critical needs of consumers from maternity and beyond.