Amazing DIY Mask Recipes for Glowing Skin

Glowing skin is a strong indicator of a healthy body and contrary to what most advertisements would have you believe, taking care of your skin isn’t rocket science. By the way, face masks have grown in popularity in recent years, but what if we told you that the humble ingredients to make one are in your fridge? Yes, you heard right! We’re listing six spa-worthy face masks to try this festive season.

1. Banana lemon and honey mask

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The fibrous fruit not only helps with blood pressure and digestion, but also does wonders for your skin. This banana and honey fruit pack helps exfoliate the skin and clear out clogged pores and dry, dead skin, leaving your skin with a subtle glow.

How to do: Take some mashed bananas and add a tablespoon of honey and lemon juice. Apply it evenly on the face and neck. Let it dry for about 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water for best results.

2. Green tea mask

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Green tea is extremely high in antioxidants and works magic for your body, both inside and out. It works great for oily skin, heals acne problems, and its anti-inflammatory properties help fight premature aging.

How to do: Take two tablespoons of green tea and grind it into a fine powder. Now add whipped yogurt and a few drops of an essential oil (optional). Carefully massage the prepared pack onto your skin. Rinse off with lukewarm water after five minutes.

3. Papaya and honey facial mask

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A fruit abundantly rich in antioxidants, papaya is known to treat dark spots and pigmentation thanks to its richness in vitamin A and vitamin C. When mixed with natural humectant honey, it makes an excellent mask to help treat pigmentation, fine lines, sunburn and more.

How to do: Mash semi-raw papaya cubes and add a tablespoon of honey and milk to it. Mix all the ingredients well and once it turns into a smooth paste, apply the mask on your face and neck. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing.

4. Rosewater and Sandalwood Mask

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Sandalwood has been used for skin care since ancient times, as it is said to improve the elasticity of skin cells, has cooling properties and deeply nourishes the skin. As for rose water, it improves the complexion and helps maintain the pH of the skin.

How to do: Take two tablespoons of sandalwood powder and add a few drops of rose water to it to prepare a fine-textured paste. Use this mask once a week to say goodbye to dull skin.

5. Mint and multani mitti face mask

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Composed of refreshing ingredients, this mask not only promises to impart a luminous effect on your skinbut also firms your skin and increases nutrient retention, reducing dark spots and blemishes.

How to do: Mix a teaspoon of multani miiti or fuller’s earth powder with a teaspoon of honey and curd. Add some crushed mint leaves to this mixture and apply it evenly on your skin. Leave it on for about 15 minutes before washing it off with cold water.

6. Almond Oil and Aloe Vera Face Mask

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While almond oil is fortified with the benefits of vitamin E, aloe vera is known to increase collagen production. These two powerful ingredients, when combined, work magic on your otherwise dry, flaky skin and keep it hydrated.

How to do: In a bowl, add mashed banana, two tablespoons of aloe vera gel and a few drops of almond oil. Mix thoroughly and apply on a clean face, leave for about 15 minutes for best results.

We hope you found these face mask recipes useful for your skincare routine. Go ahead, get that perfect glow this festive season!