Age appropriate for children to start a skincare routine

When kids are young, the most they need to worry about with a skincare routine is making sure they wash their face with a washcloth. As children get older and their bodies begin to change, washing with a cloth will not be enough to keep their skin balanced. Therefore, starting a care routine, even simple, is necessary. Something that school-aged children should participate in.

The biggest thing toddlers and preschoolers need to worry about when it comes to skincare is making sure they’ve washed their meals off their faces. It’s when kids become more active and sweat more than just washing with water alone may not really clean their face, let alone moisturize it. And for this reason, skin care should probably be introduced much earlier than parents intended.

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This is the age at which children should start a skin care routine.

Start the Foundation Early

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Parents equate clogged pores and dry skin to older tweens to teens. They don’t think young children should do more than just wash their face with water and a towel or non-abrasive soap, as they are not prone to rashes. But when the flare-ups start, it’s already too late. That is why the basis of skin care must begin when children enter primary school.

According to Wholesale trade and essential laboratories, a good time to start a skin care routine with children is when they are between six and nine years old. This helps them get into the habit of bathing once or twice a day, depending on their activity level. And when that takes root, it’s simple to switch to a skincare routine when they hit their teens and teens.

Keep the routine simple

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When introducing a skincare routine for young children, it’s best to keep it simple. After all, the goal is to get used to washing, not necessarily to further work on prevention.

According to Very good health, a gentle foaming cleanser is all that is needed for school-aged children through toddlers. It may be necessary to apply a light moisturizer if the skin is drier due to time or if the cleanser, however gentle, is drying the skin.

To ensure that children remember to wash their face with enough frequency to keep their skin free of whiteheads or blackheads, it is recommended that the cleanser be placed in a location where they are likely to use it. This can be anywhere from the sink so it’s front and center or even in the shower where it can be part of the overall cleaning routine.

Reassess the skincare routine after puberty

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Puberty can completely change the composition of the skin. Therefore, once puberty has started, the skincare routine will have to evolve.

According to Good + Good, as tweens get older or if teens are just beginning to adopt a skin care routine, other steps should be taken to ensure that the skin is well cared for. Something their skin will thank them for as they age.

Along with the gentle cleanser and moisturizer these kids are using, it’s time to add a serum to combat the environmental factors that can damage skin cells. One of the most popular ways to do this is by using a vitamin C serum.

For those pesky pimples or even acne that may pop up, retinol will work like a dream, according to Good + Good. A simple little application to the site of the breakout will help bring the skin under control and keep it clear.

And finally, sunscreen.

Whether it’s sunny or cloudy outside, sunscreen should always be included as the last step in your skincare routine during the day. This will help protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays, prevent cells from being damaged, and prevent the risk of skin cancer as tweens and teens get older.

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