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Acting allergies? Pollen problems on the rise in our region

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) – Pollen season appears to be in full swing in Vermont. If you don’t feel it, you definitely see it on your cars, your windows, and even on the lake.

An expert told me that there was a lot more pollen than usual right now.

For many, a beautiful spring day is not without its problems.

“Sneezing, yes, itchy eyes, itchy nose,” said Alex Elron of Burlington.

“I have a daily Claritin because it’s very, very high,” said Linda Kallinger of South Burlington.

It’s pollen season in Vermont and Dr. Olga Hardin of Timber Lane’s Allergy and Asthma Associates says it’s worse than normal.

“Last week on our pollen counts, all pollens were high. So when you have a moderate amount of tree pollen, grass pollen, and weed pollen together, they add up to a huge amount of allergen-triggering substances in the air,” Hardin said.

She says tree pollen and grass pollen usually overlap in June. Weed pollen usually doesn’t arrive until late summer, but this year Vermonters know all three. She says it’s because every year gets a little warmer.

“Over the past few years, what we’ve seen is that pollen seasons have started earlier and are longer, so the total season in which allergy patients are symptomatic is longer,” Hardin explained. .

It looks like it too. On Monday, Lake Champlain was blanketed in deposited pollen.

“I can’t keep my house clean,” Kallinger said.

Many Vermonters say they have noticed it everywhere.

“I think there’s a lot more this season because we were at home and all of a sudden this big cloud of pollen came our way,” Kim from Wallingford said.

Hardin says that while green and yellow dust is a nuisance, things on your car aren’t nearly as worrisome.

“The most problematic things are actually the things you can’t see; it’s the little things that are in the air,” she said.

The doctor notes that they have seen many more patients call with allergy and asthma symptoms than in a typical year.

“They certainly seem to be trending worse, which is a shame,” Elron said.

Hardin says people are developing more allergies than generations ago, and they’ve gotten more intense in recent decades.

“The combination of people having a higher tendency to have allergies then the allergen load being hired as a bad combination,” she said.

If you have allergies, there are ways to prevent them from getting worse. You can avoid peak pollen by staying indoors from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., keeping your car windows rolled up when you travel, and showering after spending time outdoors so the pollen doesn’t get in the way. doesn’t build up on your skin and hair.

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