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MELBOURNE, Australia, April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Australian-American MedTech start-up Nutromics (Nutromics or the Company), a global leader in DNA-based biosensors, today announced that Dr Agim Beshiri , most recently senior medical director at Abbott Laboratories, has joined the organization as inaugural medical director (CMO).

Dr. Beshiri is an accomplished senior medical device executive with particular expertise in the development and implementation of diagnostic research for biomarkers and has supported over 900 publications in cardiology, infectious diseases and oncology. Dr. Beshiri was most recently senior medical director at Abbott Laboratories, a MedTech leader valued at more than $200 billion and known for its Freestyle Libre and Lingo biosensors. He has over 20 years of diagnostic experience and specializes in laboratory medicine and internal medicine.

Commenting on the hire, Co-Founder and Co-CEO Hitesh Mehta said, “Medical Affairs is a critical function for all life sciences companies. So when we decided to hire for this role, we invested in a global search for a true CMO who would challenge us and ensure we stay true to our values, while developing and commercializing extraordinary technology.In each of our meetings with Dr. Beshiri, we found that it was aligned with the Nutromics vision and values, the most critical deciding factor.

Hitesh continues “Dr. Beshiri is a world-class recruit and a fantastic start to our hiring campaign in the United States. To have him join Nutromics is a testament to the potential of our technology, particularly in its ability to fill major gaps in unmet clinical needs. This is one of the many great achievements we have planned for 2022!”

Based in the United States (US), Dr. Beshiri will lead Nutromics’ medical research, regulatory engagement, clinical development and hospital partnerships. “I am excited to play my part in transforming Nutromics’ innovative technology into a clinically implementable technology in the hands of a clinician. This will lead to both better patient management by clinicians as well as better outcomes as the continuous monitoring has been lacking in the diagnostic space in the past 50 years,” he said.

Role of the Chief Medical Officer – Background

This is a key hire for Nutromics, as the company will soon begin its first-in-human clinical studies for its new biosensors. Nutromics is developing DNA-based wearables that will provide continuous, real-time data for multiple molecular targets, starting with the antibiotic vancomycin. For this first market, Nutromics will ensure that patients receive the right dose at the right time, thus avoiding life-threatening complications. Nutromics’ DNA-based technology promises to create a world without preventable deaths by providing personalized and timely molecular information for a myriad of diseases.

About Nutromics

Founded in 2017 by Co-CEOs Peter Vranes and Hitesh Mehta, Nutromics is on a mission to revolutionize healthcare through Continuous Molecular Monitoring (CMM), with a vision for a world without preventable deaths through personalized molecular insights and timely.

Nutromics is developing a first wearable medical device (patch) consisting of two technologies: an array of micro-needles that provides painless access to interstitial fluid, just under the skin, and DNA sensor technology applied to the tips of the micro-needles. needles, broadcasting the molecular information converted into an electrical signal and sent to clinicians via Bluetooth.

Nutromics will complete the world’s first human clinical studies of its first DNA sensors in 2022, as well as its prototype integrated alpha device. FDA approval of the company’s first product, a continuous monitor for the IV antibiotic vancomycin, is expected in 2025, with a pipeline of new sensors and DNA products also in development.

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