A beginner’s guide to a skincare routine

New Delhi:

What is healthy skin? Healthy is skin that glows on the outside while feeling plump, plumped, deeply hydrated and hydrated on the inside. But did you know that just using a simple moisturizer for your skin is never enough?

Your skin needs attention, lots of attention! Rain or shine, your skin needs the little care it deserves. It is extremely important to understand what your skin is asking for depending on the weather and conditions.

Megha Asher, COO and Co-Founder Juicy Chemistry has your step-by-step guide ready to create a simple yet effective skincare routine that will work for your skin all year round if you thought a moisturizer was all you need :

STEP 1: A gentle but effective cleanser, twice a day!

Often times we choose a cleanser that helps us get rid of all the sweat, dirt and grime during the summers. The same cleanser tends to dry out our skin, leaving it parched and itchy during winters. Choose a cleanser that not only cleanses your skin but also leaves it hydrated like Juicy Chemistry Tamanu, Kakadu Plum, and Frankincense face wash. It is composed of beautiful saponified oils that help to deeply cleanse the skin while nourishing it!

STEP 2: We really underestimate the power of good toner!

A good moisturizing toner is so important in preparing your skin so it can absorb all the goodness that will follow. A toner helps deep clean your pores so that the next steps in your skincare are more effective. It also helps balance the pH of the skin. If you’re looking for a calming, cooling, yet super-effective toner, here’s Juicy Chemistry’s Bulgarian Damask Rose Hydrosol.

STEP 3: A serum to target the skin issues you’ve been dealing with in silence!

Serums or active ingredients are great for targeting specific skin issues and conditions such as hyperpigmentation, dark spots, acne, dullness, aging, etc. While a cleanser, toner and moisturizer help with the daily maintenance of your skin, a naturally activated serum will help rid you of your problem skin over time. Here are some naturally activated serums and what they can help you with:

Regenerating Serum: Helps stimulate collagen production and promotes healthy skin aging.

Vitamin C Serum: Helps brighten skin, reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation promote even skin.

BHA Clarifying Serum: Exfoliates dead skin cells, reduces acne breakouts, unclogs and minimizes the appearance of large pores, promotes radiant, even skin.

AHA Polishing Serum: Provides gentle exfoliation, unclogs pores and controls breakouts, promotes even, youthful looking skin.

STEP 4: A lightweight face oil to give your skin an extra boost

A face oil is such an underrated step in skincare, yet yields such beautiful results when incorporated into your regular skincare routine. Introducing Juicy Chemistry Saffron & Red Raspberry Facial Oil which contains antioxidants to help fight oxidative damage, occlusives to deeply nourish skin and improve skin’s glow quotient!

STEP 5: Sunscreen is your skin’s best friend

A good, natural, broad-spectrum sunscreen is all you need to lock all that goodness into your skin and protect your skin from sun damage. Rain or shine, indoors or outdoors, a good sunscreen is an investment that guarantees a fixed return on investment! Camellia & Red Raspberry Sunscreen from Juicy Chemistry is one such choice that not only provides sun protection with SPF 30, but also soothes, nourishes and hydrates the skin to prevent oxidative damage.

Have you done it so far? Here is a reward for your patience! Bonus tips to add to your routine for naturally glowing skin all year round:

1. Remember to do your routine twice a day – morning and evening.

2. Don’t forget your eyes while taking care of the rest of your face. Use a revitalizing under-eye serum before bed to wake up to brighter eyes every morning!

3. Your pillow may be at fault if your skin is unhealthy. Be sure to change your pillowcases every few days so you sleep on clean, fresh pillowcases every day!

4. Finally, make a conscious effort to improve the quality and health of your skin by choosing organic and certified products and ingredients.