7 Magical Benefits of Guava Leaf Tea

Although guava leaves have long been used as a natural remedy all over the world, many people are unaware of a number of fascinating facts about guava leaf tea, which is also very healthy and tastes great. If you are curious about how guava leaf tea can improve your health, then you have probably come to the right destination as here we will be discussing the amazing benefits of this tea prepared from guava leaf extracts.

For those who don’t know, guava leaf is rich in potassium, vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants, which makes it as healthy as its fruit.

Here are some of the benefits of guava leaf tea.

Gives instant relief from diarrhea

One of the main causes of diarrhea is staph bacteria. The guava leaf extract present in this special tea inhibits the growth of bacteria. Those with diarrhea should consume this powerhouse guava leaf tea as it helps reduce abdominal pain, reduce the number of loose stools and speed up recovery. Add guava leaves and root to boiling water, strain it, then drink it on an empty stomach for immediate relief.

Controls blood sugar level

cashew nutGuava leaves have specific health benefits and help in the treatment and prevention of diabetes. The chemicals present in this special tea help control blood sugar levels (preferably after consuming meals) by preventing saturation of two forms of sugar, maltose and sucrose. It blocks many enzymes that convert carbohydrates to glucose in the digestive system, potentially slowing the rate at which glucose enters the blood.

Helps lose extra body fat

guava leaf tea

If you are trying to get rid of excess belly fat, guava leaf tea is one of the best remedies. Guava leaves aid in weight loss by preventing complex carbohydrates from becoming sugars. It keeps your body fit and also eliminates toxic elements.

Anti-cancer agent

Guava leaves reduce the risk of cancer, especially prostate, breast and oral cancer, as they contain high amounts of the antioxidant lycopene. Lycopene plays a significant effect in reducing the risk of this disease.

Fights seasonal flu and colds

Covid-19 versus flu

Guava leaf tea is very helpful in fighting seasonal flu, including colds and coughs. Guava leaves have high levels of vitamin C and iron components, and they are very effective in treating colds and coughs as they help clear mucus. In addition, it cleanses the lungs, throat and respiratory tract and also facilitates our breathing which chokes due to coughing.

Maintains cholesterol levels

One of the main groups of lipoproteins that help move fat molecules throughout the body is LDL (low density lipoprotein). Having too much cholesterol can lead to health problems, especially heart problems. Guava leaf tea has been found to be very beneficial in regulating cholesterol levels.

Good for the skin

guava leaf tea Drinking guava leaf tea removes toxins from your body, which causes acne and other skin problems. Its high vitamin C content helps several skin problems and naturally improves texture. Guava has strong astringent characteristics and its leaves are even stronger. It is useful for lightening the skin.