19 teams in Nawanshahr to treat lumpy skin disease : The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Nawanshahr, August 8

In line with orders from Principal Livestock Secretary Vikas Partap to save livestock from Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD), teams of local livestock officers have started treating animals in Nawanshahr district. Nearly 50% of infected animals in the district have recovered after appropriate treatment.

Disclosure of details, Dr Chander Paul Singh, Deputy Livestock Manager, said a total of 1,457 animals have been diagnosed with the disease in the district so far. To curb the spread of the disease and raise awareness among residents, up to 19 veterinary teams have been forced to work, he added.

Elaborating on the symptoms of the disease, Paul said the infected animal contracts LSD from the capripox virus. The infected animal takes a week to clear after proper treatment of the disease which begins with the development of scrabs in the center of the nodules. This disease is transmitted by flies, mosquitoes and ticks, the assistant manager said and warned all livestock owners. to keep the pet place neat and clean these days.

He said department teams had vaccinated up to 1,599 healthy animals to prevent them from falling prey to LSD.

Issued an advisory to residents to keep infected animals away from healthy animals, he said animals infected with LSD should not be transported to another location with healthy animals. The officer also instructed livestock owners to use sodium hypochlorite to remove bacteria from the dairy farm or barn, and also advised that keepers of infected animals should be banned from entering. the barn of healthy animals. The deputy director advised them to have them vaccinated as soon as possible with the goat pox vaccine.

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